Wind & Sand Fences for the Outer Banks

Four Seasons preserves OBX’ original beauty by installing effective sand fence structures that help form frontal dunes

Preserving Your Outer Banks Oceanfront Paradise

Sand fencing is an effective treatment in the important work of beach preservation and dune restoration. From the coastlines of the Outer Banks, you’ll find Four Seasons Landscaping on the job.

Periods of natural dune erosion occur when storm surge erodes the base of the dune and carries that sand to offshore bars. After the latest storms, several properties in the area realized how dangerous beach erosion can be. The spaces between the fence slats allow wind and sediment to pass through but reduce the wind’s speed, causing sediment to deposit along the fence.

Four Seasons sand fencing provides an environmentally friendly fencing system that promotes the retention of sand reserves created by beach reclamation and restoration projects, both of which are paid with homeowners’ tax dollars. Wind fences are very effective for promoting dune formation along shoreline areas.


  • Beach preservation
  • Dune restoration (environment friendly)
  • Vegetation prevention barrier
  • Control sand drifts

Our sand fencing structure also supports on-going sand dune maintenance programs. It not only protects beaches from natural erosion, it also provides a vegetation prevention barrier for the safe habitat of natural sea vegetation and dune ecology.

It’s never too late to increase your property’s protection against erosion and help preserve your own beach access. Use the form on this page to get in touch with us and we’ll provide you an accurate estimate right away.