Tree Removal Services & Shrub Pruning

Simply keeping your trees & shrubs pruned can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your property!

Our goal is to build a trusting relationship by emphasizing a hands-on approach with property owners.

At Four Seasons Landscaping, we pride ourselves in performing the highest quality work while giving you comfort in the care of your property.

Give us a call at 252-207-5296 or email us right nowfor a free lawn analysis. Our professionals will visit your property and assess the most accurate program.

All messages answered within 24 hours.

Our operations cover the entire Outer Banks area.

Don’t miss the chance to get $100 credit from us!

Four Seasons Landscaping proud member of international society of arboriculture

Safety and efficiency are our top concerns. Professional tree removal requires a great deal of experience and reliable tools.

The Duck Fire Department has been contracting landscaping services with Gina Elko and Four Seasons Landscaping since 2006. Four Seasons has provided cutting, pruning, planting and chemical services for us. They also provide year round maintenance.

We communicate at the beginning of every season about expectations for the year and then leave the details to Gina. She is very dependable, has a great staff and is competitive with her pricing. I highly recommend this company for your landscaping needs.